Fire safety trainings

FS trainings

Legal and in-business natural persons pursuing activities with an increased or high fire danger within the meaning of the Fire Safety Act are obliged to ensure regular fire safety trainings of employees and a specialized training for employees assigned to the preventive fire guards, as well as for preventive fire officers, if these are established by the employer.

The fire safety training of employees applies to all persons employed by or otherwise engaged with a legal person or an in-business natural person. Trainings are done separately for senior employees and other employees.

Persons who occasionally stay at the workplaces of the legal persons or in-business natural persons shall undergo a fire safety training, if they carry out activities with an increased or high fire danger or if they come into contact with such activities.

  • Training of FS preventive officers.
  • Training of senior employees.
  • Training of employees.
  • Training of external employees (part-time, lessees, contractors).
  • Training of preventive fire guards.
  • Training of persons who ensure FS on an outside-employment basis.
  • Training of persons operating fire report offices.


Our trainings are carried out either certified trainers, or you can choose a time-saving option of e-learning provided both in Czech and English language. E-learning cannot be used for training preventive fire guards and FS preventive officers due to different curricula and the direct responsibility of these posts. Fees are available upon request; they depend on the overall number of employees.

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