OSH trainings

Occupational safety trainings

Pursuant to the current Labour Code and Trade Licensing Act the employer shall ensure.

Training on legislation and other regulations to assure occupational safety and health at work that complement the qualification of employees and requirements to execute a work and that relate to their work and workplace; regularly verify knowledge of these regulations and systematically require and control that employees abide by them!

Recommended frequency

  • Employees once in 2 years (the trainings can be done by senior employees with a valid training for senior employees).
  • Senior employees once in 3 years (the training is done by a person qualified in risk prevention) training of drivers in working relationship, so called „company cars“ – the frequency shall be set by the employer once in 1-3 years.
  • OSH training of senior employees.
  • OSH training of employees.
  • OSH training of external employees (part-time, lessees, contractors).
  • Necessary specialized OSH trainings.
  • Trainings after a work injury or after transfer to a different.
  • Training of drivers in working relationship.
  • Work in heights.
  • Manipulation with chemicals.
  • Trainings for operating and working with restricted technical appliances – electric, gas, lifting, pressure.
  • And other according to the type of activity.


Our trainings are carried out either certified trainers, or you can choose a time-saving option of e-learning provided both in Czech and English language. Fees are available upon request; they depend on the overall number of employees.

Contact persons
Ing. Vladimír Urban

+420 602 204 433
Jitka Urbanová

+420 731 654 333