Occupational safety

Occupational safety and health (OSH)

OSH is a set of measures laid down by legislation and the employer. They constitute an effective means of prevention against potential health danger or damage during a working process. Furthermore they intend to protect property and human health. The obligation to ensure OSH arises for any legal or in-business natural person.

Extracts from legislation

  • The employer shall ensure occupational safety and health protection of employees at work with regard to risks which might endanger his employees’ life and health during work performance (hereafter „risks“).
  • Risk prevention means all measures taken under statutory provisions and other regulations in order to ensure occupational safety and health protection at work and other measures taken by the employer in order to prevent or eliminate risks or to minimize the impact of risks which cannot be eliminated.
  • Where occupational risks cannot be eliminated or sufficiently curbed by means of collective protection (prevention) or by measures in the field of work organization, the employer shall provide his employees with personal protective equipment (aids). Personal protective equipment means protective and safety aids.
  • The employer’s obligation to ensure occupational safety and health protection of employees at work applies also to all persons who, with the consent of the employer, are situated at his workplaces.
  • The employer shall ensure first aid to his employees – place first aid kits at workplaces; keep a book of work injuries and in case of a work injury he shall ensure the investigation and record the work injury.
  • The employer shall ensure OSH inspections at all workplaces at least on a yearly basis.

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