Inspections and revisions

Inspections, revisions, periodical preventive inspections

We carry out periodical inspections (inspections, risk assessment), annual public OSH inspections within time limits laid down by applicable legislation. Record, reports and protocols from the inspections are, naturally, included in the services we provide.

  • Revisions and inspections of electrical equipment (appliances, tools etc.).
  • Inspections and revisions of electrical appliances.
  • Inspections and revisions of lightning conductors.
  • Revisions and inspections of transformers and distributors.
  • Inspections and revisions of gas appliances and equipment.
  • Revisions of pressure containers.
  • Designation of persons responsible for operation.
  • Schedules of revisions, inspections etc.
  • Local operational regulations for appliances, if the original documentation is missing.
  • We shall provide necessary safety tables.
  • Revisions of the safety of shelves.
  • Revisions of the safety of ladders.

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